Fantasy Influencers Premier League: Live Scores, Updates and Leaderboard

Updated Leaderboard Score (03/4/2022)

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel1020168.5
2Fantasy Arenafantasyarena160420140
3Team11 Predictionteam11prediction20107
4Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler1419570.5
5Royal Indianrpyalfamily19560.5
6Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy0719464
7Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka18822.5
8Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji18045
8Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp16694.5
10Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy78616253.5
11Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm12330

Fantasy Counsel becomes the 1st ever Fantasy Cricket Champion with 20,168.5 fantasy points and Fantasy Arena becomes our 1st Runner-up followed up close by Team11 Prediction as our 2nd Runner-up. Huge congratulations to all our winners and deep gratitude to all our fantasy influencers for making FIPL season 1 a huge success. One of India’s leading sports gaming platforms has come up with yet another innovative idea in the industry of fantasy sports. A unique concept in fantasy cricket where they have successfully been able to engage all experts at one place. BalleBaazi has officially become the destination for fantasy cricket experts, a place where the best in the industry compete with each other for the ultimate title to become the Biggest Fantasy Cricket Expert of all times.

During the 31 ODIs to be played in the Women’s World Cup, BalleBaazi has organized a special Fantasy Influencers Premier League where the country’s 11 biggest influencers in the field of fantasy cricket are competing with each other to become the King of fantasy cricket. These 11 influencers are experts who have been in the industry for more than 3 years and have guaged a subscriber base of over 200K across their social media channels. 

The participating 11 fantasy cricket influencers along with their usernames are:

  1. Fantasy Counsel (fantasycounsel10)
  2. Fantasy Arena (fantasyarena1604)
  3. Fantasy Fortune (teamtyler14)
  4. Sports Fantasy Prediction (hitmansfp)
  5. Cric11 Expert IKM (aadilikm)
  6. Indian Hot Deal (ihdfantasy786)
  7. Royal Indian (rpyalfamily)
  8. Fantasy Tadka (fantasytadka)
  9. Prediction Guruji (predictionguruji)
  10. Team11 Prediction (team11prediction)
  11. Fantasy Sports Prediction (princefantasy07)

Tournament Structure

11 influencers will be competing against each other across 31 Women’s World Cup matches. Every match will see 3 winners from a prizepool worth ₹11,000/-. The 1st ranker will get ₹6,000 while 2 and 3 will get ₹3,000 and ₹2,000 respectively. At the end of the entire tournament, based on the number of fantasy points scored throughout the season, winners will be declared. The 1st rank in the leaderboard will attract ₹20,000 cash prize, an interview with FanBlaze, winning certificate and exclusive BalleBaazi goodies.

Live FIPL Updates

The 1st match of the Women’s World Cup: New Zealand Women vs West Indies Women saw a thriller not only on the field but the FIPL also saw a nail-biter right at the end when Mayank from Fantasy Arena aced the competition with 996 fantasy points and there was a dramatic clash at rank 5 with 4 influencers at 949. The Match 1 results were as follows:

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604996
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction981
3Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp971
4Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka954.5
5Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10949
5Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07949
5Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14949
5Royal Indianrpyalfamily949
9Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji890
10Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm465
11Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786402.5

Match 2 took place between South Africa Women and Bangladesh Women. The results were as follows:

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604816.5
2Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14809.5
3Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10784.5
4Royal Indianrpyalfamily747
5Team11 Predictionteam11prediction743
5Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp734.5
5Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07717
5Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786678.5
9Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm663.5
10Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka658
11Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji642

Match 3 took place between Australia Women and England Women. The results were as follows:

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Team11 Predictionteam11prediction906
2Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp880
3Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14870
4Royal Indianrpyalfamily846.5
5Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604839.5
5Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07827.5
5Cric11 Expert [IKMaadilikm814
5Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji812
9Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10804
10Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786803.5
11Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka778.5

Match 4 took place between India Women and Pakistan Women. The results were as follows:

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604865
2Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm817
3Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10806
4Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07771
5Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14769
6Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp760
7Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786760
8Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji757
9Team11 Predictionteam11prediction724
10Fantasy Tadka fantasytadka711
11Royal Indianrpyalfamily663

Match 5 of the Womens World Cup started at an odd time after the match got closed on the app due to rain interruptions and thus players were not able to edit their teams according to the lineups hence this match was refunded completely for the general users and our influencers as well. This was done due to our fairplay policies in order to ensure a level-playing field for everyone on BalleBaazi.

Match 6 took place between Australia Women and Pakistan Women. The results were as follows:

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Royal Indianrpyalfamily648.5
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction602.5
3Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka582
4Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604582
5Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07566.5
6Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10535
7Prediction Gurujiipredictionguruji534.5
8Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14510.5
9Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp500.5
10Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786291.5
11Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikmDid not join

Match 7 took place between West Indies Women and England Women. The results were as follows:

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka733.5
2Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14703.5
3Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604695.5
3Team11 Predictionteam11prediction695.5
3Royal Indianrpyalfamily695.5
3Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp695.5
3Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07695.5
3Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786695.5
3Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm695.5
10Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10646.5
11Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji579.5

In a mind-boggling competition last night 7 players ended up at the same score 695.5 and clashed at Rank 3. The competition is heating up and the leaderboard is on fire.

The Leaderboard from the 1st week shows the following result so far:

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Arenafantasyarena16044794.5
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction4652
3Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler144611.5
4Royal Indianrpyalfamily4549.5
5Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp4541.5
6Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy074526.5
7Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel104525
8Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka4417.5
9Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji4215
10Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy7863631.5
11Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm3455

So Fantasy Arena, Team11 Prediction and Fantasy Fortune have emerged as the Top 3 from the 1st week leaderboard. The tournament is just about to get more and more interesting from here on!

We chatted up with Mayank from Fantasy Arena and asked him how he feels about the FIPL and his winning streak, he was quoted as saying:

“If you’re able to stay up late, these matches are so much fun. Love playing women’s cricket because everything is not via scorecard.. You need to watch Matches to see how a particular player is shaping up”

A new week has begun and so has the leaderboard. A dramatic match between India Women & New Zealand Women saw a great deal of tipsy turvy moments. Team11Prediction climbs to the top becoming the 1st influencer to reach 1000+ fantasy points in a single game of the FIPL.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Team11 Predictionteam11prediction1009.5
2Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji905
3Royal Indianrpyalfamily863.5
4Indian Hot Deallihdfantasy786856
5Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10808.5
6Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka802.5
7Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604792.5
8Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp725.5
8Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07725.5
10Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14704.5
11Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm0

Match 9 between Pakistan Women & South Africa Women saw a thriller in the live game and among the influencers as well. The top 3 had a pretty close game as can be seen from the scores

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Royal Indianrpyalfamily922.5
2Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14913
3Team11 Predictionteam11prediction898
4Fantasy Counsefantasycounsel10896.5
5Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm870
6Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786865
7Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604859
8Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07835.5
8Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka812.5
10Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp808.5
11Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji695.5

Extremely unbelievable results today after the India vs West Indies game. The leaderboard will surely take a hit after this one. We have a fresh new set of top 3 with Prince from Fantasy Sports Prediction topping today’s match with 986.50 fantasy points. Aadil (Cric11 Expert IKM) & Sports Fantasy Prediction make it to the top 3.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07986.5
2Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm929.5
3Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp886.5
4Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji877.5
5Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604876.5
6Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14859.5
7Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786855.5
8Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10854.5
9Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka833
10Royal Indian rpyalfamily825.5
11Team11 Predictionteam11prediction787.5

The competition is well and truly alive as can be seen now. The FIPL has attracted fans from all over the fantasy cricket world as it continues to rule the social media searches.

Match 11 was an easy win for Australia Women vs New Zealand Women but it was nothing short of a thriller in the Influencers Premier League.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka700.5
2Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604695.5
3Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm671
4Royal Indianrpyalfamily654.5
5Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10654
6Team11 Predictionteam11prediction648.5
7Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp623.5
8Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07616.5
8Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji565.5
10Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14503
11Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786441

Fantasy Tadka made a strong comeback as he stormed at the 1st place in Match 11 and so did Fantasy Arena & Cric11 Expert [IKM] who finished at 2nd and 3rd place. Fantasy Arena also gets his 1st place back in the live leaderboard.

Match 12 saw an epic combat between the bat & ball in Pakistan Women vs Bangladesh Women. The FIPL was no different with Fantasy Tadka edging on top along with Fantasy Fortune(2) & Sports Fantasy Prediction(1).

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka637
2Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14630.5
3Sports Fantasy Predicionhitmansfp597.5
4Team11 Predictionteam11prediction589.5
5Royal Indianrpyalfamily588
6Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604579
7Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji570.5
8Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786570
8Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07569.5
10Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm551.5
11Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10543.5

Match 13 was a thriller in RSAW vs ENGW where South Africa women managed to edge past England Women in the very last over. Similarly in the FIPL, Sports Fantasy Prediction fought through and got the 1st position with Indian Hot Deal and Team11 Predictions making it to the top 3.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp885
2Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786874
3Team11 Predictionteam11prediction865
4Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10865
5Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07863
6Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604841
7Royal Indianirpyalfamily806
8Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm806
8Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka784
10Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14784
11Prediction Gurujilpredictionguruji725

Match 14 Australia Women vs West Indies Women saw an easy Aussie win but it was nowhere close to the drama in the FIPL. Team11Prediction won it fair and square with Fantasy Counsel and Prediction Guruji making it to 2nd and 3rd.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Team11 Predictionteam11prediction632.5
2Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10621.5
3Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji606.5
4Fantasy Counselteamtyler14552.5
5Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka552
6Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604550
7Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07529.5
8Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp506.5
8Royal Indianrpyalfamily502
10Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy7860
11Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm0

While Match 15 was a huge disappointment for Indian fans, the FIPL did not fail to surprise us with another fantastic encounter at the leaderboard. Fantasy Arena led this one followed by Fantasy Counsel & Fantasy Fortune making it to the top 3.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604472.5
2Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10457.5
3Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14450.5
4Team11 Predictionteam11prediction443.5
5Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm428.5
6Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07420.5
7Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka412.5
8Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji392.5
9Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp379.5
10Royal Indianrpyalfamily346.5
11Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786288.5

Match 16: New Zealand Women vs South Africa Women was a thriller of a game and so was it in the FIPL too. Prince from Fantasy Sports Prediction led the game followed by Fantasy Tadka, Fantasy Arena and Royal Family where the latter two ended in a tie for the 3rd rank.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy071081
2Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka1074
3Fantasy Arenafantasyarena16041073
4Royal Indianrpyalfamily1073
5Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel101030
6Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler141016
7Team11 Predictionteam11prediction900
8Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786440.5
9Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp0
10Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji0
11Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm0

Match 17 Bangladesh Women vs West Indies Women saw another roller coaster of a match in the FIPL. Fantasy Fortune raced to the top of the chart with Arena & Sports Fantasy Prediction not very far behind.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14934
2Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604916
3Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp863
4Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji851
5Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka839
6Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07806
7Team11 Predictionteam11prediction795
8Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10794
8Royal Indianrpyalfamily794
10Cric11 Expert [IKM]aadilikm786
11Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy7860

Match 18 India Women vs Australia Women was a thriller right at the end before Beth Mooney sealed the deal for the Aussies. Meanwhile Prediction Guruji rose to the top with Fantasy Arena & Fantasy Counsel making it to the top 3.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji784.5
2Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604727.5
3Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10707
4Royal Indianrpyalfamily701.5
5Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp616
6Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14590.5
7Team11 Predictionteam11prediction588.5
8Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka584
8Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07571
10Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786498.5
11Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm472

Match 19 England Women vs New Zealand Women was another thriller that went right down to the wire but thanks to Nat Sciver, England prevailed at the end. The FIPL was no less gripping where Fantasy Counsel aced the charts followed by Team11 Prediction and Sports Fantasy Prediction.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10746
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction717.5
3Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp667.5
4Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14661.5
5Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07642
6Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786619
7Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm602.5
8Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604580
8Royal Indianrpyalfamily580
10Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji564
11Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka549

Match 20 West Indies Women vs Pakistan Women might have been an extremely easy win for the Women in Green but in the FIPL it was a close one where Royal Indian edged past Fantasy Arena & Fantasy Sports Prediction to make it to the top.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Royal Indianrpyalfamily529
2Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604513
3Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07487
4Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10478
5Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm452
6Team11 Predictionteam11prediction428
6Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14428
6Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp428
9Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji423
10Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka381
11Indian Hot Dealihdfantasy786359

Match 21 South Africa Women vs Australia Women saw another dominating Aussie win but boy was it a ride in the FIPL. Fantasy Fortune defied all odds to get on top alongside Team11 Prediction and Indian Hot Deals who made it to the top 3.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14684.5
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction675
3Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786659
4Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10636
5Prediction Guruji]predictionguruji620.5
6Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp598
7Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07592
8Royal Indianrpyalfamily577
9Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604566
10Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka505
11Cric11 Expert[IKMaadilikm0

Another dominant win came for India Women vs Bangladesh Women in a do-or-die game that was aced in the Fantasy Influencers Premier League by Fantasy Counsel with Team11 Prediction & Indian Hot Deals making it to the top 3 yet again.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10906
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction762.5
3Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786747
4Royal Indianrpyalfamily688.5
5Prediction Guruji]predictionguruji683.5
6Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14654.5
7Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07643.5
8Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp604
9Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604578
10Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka559
11Cric11 Expert[IKMaadilikm0

While Match 23 got unfortunately washed out, it was Match 24 England Women vs Pakistan Women that saw the former team completely roll over the Pak Women to register a comfortable victory. Kudos to Fantasy Fortune on yet another victory alongside Team11 Prediction and Fantasy Arena.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14605
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction482.5
3Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604479.5
4Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji448
5Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786436
6Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10435
7Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp388
8Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka373
9Royal Indianrpyalfamily339
10Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07329
11Cric11 Expert[IKMaadilikm0

Match 25 saw Bangladesh Women vs Australia Women in a rain-affected fixture that was yet again dominated by Australia-Women. The FIPL saw Team11 Prediction rising on to the occasion alongside Fantasy Counsel & Fantasy Arena who finished amongst the top 3.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Team11 Predictionteam11prediction543
2Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10503
3Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604495
4Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji485.5
5Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14469.5
6Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp457
7Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786446.5
8Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07438
9Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka366.5
9Royal Indianrpyalfamily366.5
11Cric11 Expert[IKMaadilikm0

Match 26 New Zealand Women vs Pakistan Women saw an easy win for the White Ferns while in the FIPL, the tables turned and Sports Fantasy Prediction aced the game along with Team11 Prediction and Fantasy Sports Prediction finishing the leaderboard in the top 3 positions.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp853
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction842
3Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07796.5
4Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10763
4Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka763
6Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14758
7Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji740
8Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786724
9Royal Indianrpyalfamily707.5
10Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604701.5
11Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm0

Match 27 saw a heartbreak for India Women as South Africa Women won a last-ball thriller. The hopes of India might be over but they are very much alive for our fantasy influencers in the FIPL. Fantasy Fortune aced this one followed by Fantasy Sports Prediction and Fantasy Counsel as they finished in the top 3.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14741.5
2Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07659.5
3Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10656
4Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji643.5
5Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604598.5
6Team11 Predictionteam11prediction573.5
7Royal Indianrpyalfamily569.5
8Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp542.5
9Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786532.5
10Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm515.5
11Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka512.5

The semi final Australia Women vs West Indies Women saw an easy victory for the Aussie girls but in the FIPL it was a game to watch out for. Prediction Guruji led the charts followed by Team11 Prediction and Fantasy Tadka who finished in the top 3.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji778
2Team11 Predictionteam11prediction748.5
3Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka732
4Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp723.5
5Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10715.5
5Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604715.5
5Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14715.5
5Royal Indianrpyalfamily715.5
9Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07713.5
10Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786577
11Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm0

Match 29 was the semi final England Women vs South Africa Women where England Women won in a one-sided competition. Indian Hot Deals surprised with a massive win followed by Fantasy Sports Prediction and Cric11 Expert [IKM].

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786933.5
2Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07739.5
3Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm722.5
4Fantasy Arenafantasyarena1604700
5Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka697.5
5Royal Indianrpyalfamily694.5
5Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14663
5Team11 Predictionteam11prediction598.5
9Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10598.5
10Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji555.5
11Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp0

Cometh the hour and so will cometh the man! The finale between ENG-W & AUS-W ended in yet another Australian triumph while in the FIPL it was Royal Indian, Cric11 Expert & Fantasy Arena who struck gold.

RankInfluencer NameUsernameFantasy Points
1Royal Indianrpyalfamily1167
2Cric11 Expert[IKM]aadilikm1068
3Fantasy Arenafantasyarena16041036
4Fantasy Counselfantasycounsel10974.5
5Fantasy Tadkafantasytadka935.5
6Team11 Predictionteam11prediction926.5
7Prediction Gurujipredictionguruji915
8Indian Hot Dealsihdfantasy786899.5
9Fantasy Sports Predictionprincefantasy07892.5
10Fantasy Fortuneteamtyler14640
11Sports Fantasy Predictionhitmansfp0

But, in the end it has been a phenomenal run by Fantasy Counsel who has scored a total of 20,168.50 points in the Fantasy Influencers Premier League and has finished as the biggest fantasy cricket expert of all times in India. Congratulations to Akshay Chaudhary and his entire family of Fantasy Counsel on winning the title. We’ll be back soon with another edition of the FIPL, when? You tell us in the comments below!

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